What Our Team Offers

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Our Services


Energetic body work with Anna, Hope and Natasha. 

Deep Tissue Massage

We have wonderful massage therapists that help you relieve stress. Book a 30/60/90 minute service to ease your pain. 

Thai Yoga Bodywork

Thai Yoga Bodywork is specific to our yoga teachers backgrounds and energy healing work. We offer various styles of assists that help you feel your best. 

Far Infrared Sauna

A Far Infrared Sauna helps you detox, helps you manage pain and it also helps boost your immune system. Anna starts packages and sessions at 10 minutes and goes up from there. 

Life Coaching Packages

There are many ways to approach life skills, and Anna and Natasha have amazing packages that they both offer to help you succeed. 

Foot Soaks and Ionic Foot Cleanse Baths 

Natasha offers Ionic Foot Cell Cleanses to help your body detox the heavy metals and toxins from your feet. 

Brow Lamination and Brow Tint/Waxing 

Melia and Nicole offer various brow services, and the most popular is brow lamination, by Melia. 

Sugar Waxing Full Body 

Sugaring is the way to go, when it comes to full body waxing and we do just that. Book online for all sugar waxing services. 

Sound Therapy 

Sound therapy is offered by Natasha and Anna. They both have different singing bowls, sound therapy methods. 

Tuning Fork Treatment

Tuning Fork treatments help you relax and manage your stress, pain, anxiety and so much more. Anna offers these treatments in 20/40/60 minute sessions. 

Facials and Skin Treatments

Various and multiple skin treatments available based on your skin needs with Nicole. 


Neurofeedback is direct training for our brain function. It helps the brain learn self regulation and can included, anxiety, depression, ADHD, PTSD and more. 

Eyelash Lifts, Perms and Extensions

Melia offers an array of eyelash perms, lifts and eyelash extensions. 

Lymphatic Work

Lymphatic EMS: 

Work your sluggish lymphatic system while we add electric magnetic stimulation to optimize your overall health. We offer several modalities for lymphatic work, but this is excellent!