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Karma Project 

Consider it Karma 

Karma is something that we've all heard about before.

At Appoise, we want services to be accessible to everyone, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, background, and economic status. We created this karma card program to encourage our teammates, and community, to help even out the gap of inequality in access to high-quality wellness services in our area and beyond.

What it is:

Once a month, we will choose ONE person to receive $50.00 in services OR $50 towards a service(s) of their choice. The service must be redeemed during the month the person was chosen.

Included services: Reiki, Tuning Fork, Foot Zoning, Pilates, Nutrition, Facials, Life Coaching, etc.

We would like for you to privately message us these details:

Name of person

Contact: email/phone

Why you chose them

(Nothing personal will be shared, unless that party chooses to do so or wants us to.)

**Once a month, we will contact one person who can receive this Karma card. They can apply the $50 towards any service as well, but if there is a balance, the balance must be paid upon service.

The service must be scheduled in advance by the chosen wellness Appoise team member, based on availability for the month that is chosen.

Also included:

Gift Cards can be purchased on our website, if you want to donate to the Karma Card. Then we will choose more than one a month, if we have extra funds. (just note "Karma" in the note section.)

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