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Appoise Esthetics School

Feel the difference.

Know the difference. Esthiology School.

Appoise Esthetics School offers an amazing Eshtiology 600 hour program in South Dakota.

Rooted deep in the art of skin care, body care and advanced practices, our staff has years of experience, nation-wide. We also offer Microdermabrasion CEU's if desired, and have a desire to honor each student's goals in

the ever-evolving skin care industry. 

The Esthiology program includes theory, practice, and the clinical study of skin care. Students will learn how to provide a completed skin care regime, makeup, wax techniques, and much more. 

Relaxing Massage

Next Class November 2023

Appoise Esthetics School offers part time schooling for busy and working applicants. 

Application fees, tuition, and kit will be included in the total cost of tuition.

Expect great education from our staff, who care about where and what you want to do once you've completed your education. 

We will not offer apprentice programs, only private, hands-on education, from licensed Estheticians and Instructors. Our goal is for you to have a vast knowledge of the entire skin industry, what it can do for you, what it can do for others, and how you can open your own independent practice if you wish. 



Invest in your future best self

Full Tuition Cost: 2023 pricing call

$100 application fee

Payment plans available

A 20% deposit is due one month prior to start date to hold your place. 


Expect Great Education

Esthetic School
Applications Inquiries 
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